Preschool Staff

Our highly qualified and dedicated staff will ensure that the preschoolers in their care will develop Christian values, age appropriate skills and concepts, and social skills in a safe and caring environment.  Each child is unique and will be given the opportunity to learn in ways best suited to their needs with opportunities for creative, artistic, and physical expression.

Preschool Director:  Jenifer George                               [email protected]

3 year old Teacher:  Carrie Schadek                            

3 year old Assistant: Joanna Joseph                             [email protected]

3 year old Teacher: Michelle Faulstich                          [email protected]

3 year old Assistant: Karen Markley                              [email protected]

4 year old Teacher:  Michele Faulstich                          [email protected]

4 year old Assistant: Karen Markley                              [email protected]

4 year old Teacher:  Emily Kershner                              [email protected]

4 year old Assistant: Joanna Joseph                              [email protected]

5 year old Teacher:  Diane Eveland                                [email protected]

5 year old Assistant:  Jennifer Beatty                              [email protected]

Church Secretary:  Sonia Williams                                 [email protected]