3 year old Classes

2 1/2 hrs per day - 2 days per week
Early Learning Skills

4 year old Classes
2..5 hrs per day - 3 days per week 
Academic Skills for kindergarten preparation

5 year old Classes
3 hrs per day for 5 days per week
*For children 5-6 yrs old who are not attending Kindergarten
Kindergarten skills

-Certified Teachers
-Small Class Size
-Spiritual Growth
-Monthly Chapel
-Numerous Field Trips

Calvary Lutheran Preschool Registration

Please choose:

5 Yr old Pre K class (Monday thru Friday) _____ 8:30-11:30

4/5 Yr Old Class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) ____ 8:30-11:00

3/4 Yr Old Class (Tuesday and Thursday) _____ 8:30-11:00

Child’s Name _______________________________________________________

(first) (middle) (last)

Child’s Address ______________________________________________________

Home phone number:___________________e-mail______________________________

Child’s date of birth (month/day/year): __________________________________

Father’s name ______________________Occupation _______________________

Mother’s name _____________________ Occupation_______________________

Work and cell phone numbers:

Father _____________________________ cell # ___________________________

Mother ____________________________ cell # ___________________________

Name by which your child prefers to be called:_____________________________

What name do you want your child to learn to print? _______________________

Child resides with (check one)

___both parents ___mother ___father ____other: _________________________

Names and ages of our other children in the family:

__________________________ _________________________

__________________________ _________________________

Religious affiliation:

___Baptist ___Lutheran ___Pentecostal ___Catholic

___Methodist ___Episcopal ___non-denominational

___ other (please indicate)____________________________________

Do you and your child currently attend church? Yes ____ No___

Please note any disabilities, extreme fears or health information (i.e. allergies) which would help the staff in working with your child. Also, please note if you detect any hearing, speech or seeing difficulties in your child.


How did you hear about Calvary Lutheran Preschool?

____ advertisement/article in newspaper___ Calvary’s Preschool Sign

____Realtor ____other ___recommended by family or friend

Name of person who recommended you: __________________________

Please be sure to carefully read our Handbook.

Watch for an Orientation letter to come to you the first week of August. Orientation is the last Monday in August 3:30-6pm.  Please call us with any changes in the information on this form.

All information on this form will be kept confidential.

Your signature:___________________________ Date: _____________

A $25  nonrefundable registration fee is required with this application