Calvary Lutheran Preschool


Now enrolling for Fall 2021 -                 Preschool begins on Monday, August 23.


See you soon!!!

               1314 N. Michigan St.

            Plymouth, IN 46563


We are dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of three, four, and five year olds in a Christian environment. Our program is designed to foster spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and creative growth of preschool-aged children with qualified staff and small classes.

The carefully planned daily activities provide opportunities for growth in all areas of your child's development by balancing quiet and active times, group and individual times, teacher-directed activities and free choice, as well as indoor and outdoor play.

Numerous field trips within our community throughout the school year that correspond with our thematic units provide hands-on, real life experiences for children to learn by doing.  Safety is a primary concern when traveling and we ask that parents provide a safety seat or booster seat and assist us in providing transportation and supervision on field trips.

Classes Offered  (Subject to change dependent upon enrollment)

3 year olds (on or before 8/1/21)         Tuesday/Thursday          8:30-11:00  

4 year olds (on or before 8/1/21)         Monday/Wednesday/Friday


5 year olds (on or before 8/1/21)         Monday through Friday    8:30-11:30

Important Update: Preschool will open at 10:00am with later dismissal when Plymouth Schools have a 2 hour delay. We close when they close.


    Cognitive Growth

Learning activities include language and vocabulary readiness skills, number concepts, size and shape discrimination, color recognition, sequencing, and age appropriate skills through games, projects, learning centers, literature, manipulatives, and technology to assist each child's success at their own pace.

     Creative Growth

Develop individual creativity and self expression through a wide vatiety of materials and activities to expand your child's awareness of color, form, and texture. Provide opportunities for dramatic play to imagine and act out real life situations.

     Physical Growth

Movement games and music provide opportunities for each child to grow their large and fine motor development. We offer both an enclosed outdoor play area and a gymnasium that provide areas for children to run, skip, hop, bounce balls, and play games. Use of scissors, manipulatives, and writing materials enhance fine motor skills.

     Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Growth

Using Christ-centered material in the curriculum encourages the development of appropriate social skills, positive self-image, respect for diversity and other's feelings using Bible stories, dramatic play, projects, and field trips.